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Does your organization mandate that chapters use a dues collection provider? *

Must every chapter use the same dues collection provider?

Are you manually entering new member information into the database? *

Do your members have an easy way to view their own profile information? *

Are members able to easily update their profile information? *

Can chapters view current member rosters online? *

Can you conduct simple reports to quickly analyze member statistics? *

Do volunteers have the ability to quickly access organization statistics (GPAs, size, etc)? *

Does your organization have the ability to electronically collect forms from your chapters and track the completion percentage? *

Is all of your data being housed in one database? *

Does your organization provide a means for your chapters to manage the recruitment of new members? *

Do you have an event management platform that links to your database? *

Does your organization have a foundation? *

Does your organization share a database with its foundation? *

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